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Mr. Obama, tear down this wall

In the night between 12/12 and 13/12 the Club of Politics was under heavy hacker fire obviously commenced by US government. Who else should have done this? Who else would have had an interest in this? As an act of state terrorism and helpless escalation the USA decided to stop the Club of Politics and so to stop the freedom of press. After 3 hours they might have understood and realized their helpless plot and illegal act and terminated this operation. It was an honor for us, that the formerly great and wise nation US and A has choosen the Club of Politics as a valuable target. Thank you very much Mister Obama. It was a pleasure for us to serve you. You are always welcome.

But as part of an official minority inside Europe I do declare this as an act of rassism against a server owned by a member of the frisian people. Mister Obama, I guess you understand what rassism means. Do you feel comfortable with this? Is this how you treat your neighbours? This was an act of terrorism and war. Until yesterday I thought that Germany and USA are partners and allies. But this night your form of state terrorism got in touch with the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the European Union. This was an illegal armed attack.

Dear Mister Obama. Dear US and A.
This isn’t your personal WikiLeaks conflict anymore, you have reached the borderline. You have offended the friendship of an allied partner. You have tried to destroy private properties inside an allied territory. We recommend bringing this act of terror to the International Court of Justice in Den Haag. It is time for you to understand that every line of action implicates consequences. Even the Unites States cannot shot on everything that might be a target instead of asking who it is.

Mister Obama,
you are building up a wall around the USA and isolate your country from the rest of the world. The world is still waiting for an excuse because you spyed out and betrayed countries you normally called friends or partners. But all you are doing is building up this wall of isolation. You are increasing the height day by day and making it harder for you to come and to negotiate in peace.

Let me use the words of former US president Ronald Reagan:

“President Obama, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the USA, if you seek liberalization, if you seek free speech and the freedom of press, if you seek friends: Come here to the border of your own wall! Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!”


Michael Starke (clubofpolitics.de)

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