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2011 – make love not war

A happy new year and congratulations. When you can read this text you have entered the year 2011. No doubt, the year 2010 has finished. But what are continuing are the wars around the earth and the still unpunished act of state terrorism of the United States. While the Wikileaks supporting side has ceased the fire the United States is still caught by agony and cruising around aimlessly. And the friends and partners are still waiting for excuses. This has not changed in 2011. The question is whether the United States can make a change (as Obama stated in his election campaign) or are running much stronger in the possibility of isolation.

But there are also other countries to worry about. Russia is still far away from a democrazy and is still a country where oligarchy is ruling. Despotism and corruption are still the leading energies of Russia’s way into 2011. Even if men like ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder are supporting Russia and companies like Gazprom: Russia is a state of injustice and in 2011 no changes are planned yet.

And there is China: A new challenge is torturing China. There are other countries growing up with lower incomes than China. Also: The quality of Chinese products is very low. Too low to accept the prices China is producing for. Also China has still a big internal economic bubble. Still a lot of share investment done but the Chinese middle class is based on a high rate of loan. They might end up in bad loans.

We can continue this list of disasters done by the so called “global powers” on the planet Earth. But we will not. Instead of this we want to call to the people all around this planet. We dont call it out to the politicians since they have other interests. Call us naive. But in this world it is still better to be called naive than to be called a murderer, cheater, liar or even election fraudster.

People around the world. Listen to your heart. There are no reasons for wars. There is no reason to kill each other. There is no reason to kill the neighbour. There is no reason to kill children or to let them die in hunger. Do not follow the paths your politicians are preparing. They have other interests. Politicians in the 21. century have only one single interest in making war: They want make money out of arms business. They are making money by getting the orders to build up your country after they have destroyed it. Stopp the way politicians are manipulating you. People on earth. In this year 2011 return to a very simple and basic formular:

Make love – not war.

Happy 2011.

Michael Starke, clubofpolitics.com

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